Camden Tenant

The Magazine for tenants in Camden

The very first issue of Camden Tenant was produced in June 1972, the year of the proposed Housing Finance Act which aimed to cut Government subsidies to local authority housing.

The first copy was a one page wall sheet printed both sides, for distributing at meetings, displaying on notice boards and pasting on walls in public places. The first two came out at the same time steps were being taken to organise tenant associations across the borough and set-up the Camden Federation of Tenants & Residents Associations.

Originally it was to be called The Camden Tenant but John and Judy Lafferty and Dave Miller, who were given responsibility for layout and typesetting, left off  The. In those early years the paper was published eight times a year. It was the voice of the Federation and its member associations, campaigning on issues of concern to tenants.

Monday evenings were given over to meetings of the CFTRA Committee one week and the Camden Tenant editorial group the next. They gathered in articles, writing some, did the layout, printed the paper themselves, until eventually finding a friendly printer, Noli’s Anyway Litho (TU) in Brixton, who rolled off 2,000 copies each issue, occasionally 5,000 for special campaigns, and Bread ‘n Roses (TU) to typeset, and so it was for two decades.

The Federation staff co-ordinate the articles and design currently and the Federation Management Committee is the editorial group.